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P-335 Plus
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Internet Connection and Printer Sharing with Network Protection.

Internet connection and printer sharing

With the built-in USB Print Server, the P-335 Plus is designed to operate in 2 operation modes, the Router mode or a pure Print Server mode, that users can exchange modes with an external switch. In Router mode, the P-335 Plus is a broadband sharing router which allows users to connect to the embedded 4-port Ethernet switch and share printing resource at the same time. And in Print Server mode, the Internet Sharing function will be disabled and transform the P-335 Plus device as an comparably affordable pure print server device that it provides 5 Ethernet ports connected to the sharing printer and computers directly to your network.

Firewall security

The P-335 Plus performs stateful packet inspection for effective network protection. With the default firewall settings, all outgoing and incoming traffic in the protected LAN is checked. The firewall feature includes TCP/UDP inspection, Denial of Services (DoS ) detection and prevention, real-time alert, reports and logs.

Media bandwidth management

With ZyXEL's exclusive Media Bandwidth Management v2 (MBM v2), the P-335 Plus intelligently manages your limited bandwidth for multiple multimedia applications in your busy network.

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