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The ZyXEL NBG5715
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Gear Up for a New Era of HD Media Network!

The NBG5715 Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless N Media Router provides the ultimate visual experience over the true dual networks at blazing-fast data transfer rates of up to 450 Mbps* and boosts the stability of multiple HD video streams, gaming and Web surfing in every room.

True dual networks optimize HD media and web surfing experiences simultaneously

With three dual-band antennas featuring MIMO technology, the NBG5715 provides you the ultimate visual experiences over the true dual networks at blazing data transfer rates of up to 450 Mbps*. You can simultaneously surf the Web over the common 2.4 GHz band with fast speeds and watch HD video or play online games over the interference-free 5 GHz band with smooth playback.

Advanced QoS offers smoother media streaming over fiber broadband service

For users who demands high bandwidth media streaming services over fiber broadband service, the advanced QoS of ZyXEL NBG5715 enhances the stability of multiple HD video streams, gaming, voice over IP, and web surfing.

SmartRange extends wireless coverage effectively

Thanks to the SamrtRange technology, the NBG5715 provides effective wireless coverage by transmitting wireless signals directly to other wireless network devices such as tablet PCs, laptops and game consoles. You can enjoy digital entertainment content without dead spots in every room at home.

NetUSB™ shares the USB devices wirelessly

With two built-in USB ports, the NBG5715 can share printers or USB mass storage devices as if the devices were connected directly on the PC; just plug the USB devices to the NBG5715, the family members everywhere at home can use them wirelessly.

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