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The ZyXEL NBG4604
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Información General:

Advanced Wireless N Router for Better Triple-Play Services and Easy Management.

300Mbps* Wireless N with Gigabit Ethernet for optimized media streaming with whole-home coverage.

Interoperating with a FTTx or cable modem, the ZyXEL NBG4604 Wireless N Gigabit Managed Router integrates a Gigabit WAN port, a four-port Gigabit Ethernet switch and a 802.11b/g/n WLAN access point to offer a better platform for FTTx or cable infrastructure deployments. With better wireless performance and coverage than legacy wireless G gateways, the NBG4604 allows users to enjoy real-time IPTV, VoIP and online gaming with or without wires. With the NBG4604 deployed, telcos, cable operators and service providers can save the cost wiring the entire house, and provide home connectivity as well as Triple-Play services simultaneously at higher speeds of up to 300Mbps* in multi-room home environments.

TR-069 remote management for easy installation.

The TR-069 feature of the NBG4604 enables service providers to manage and configure the devices remotely without any end-user intervention. This feature offers a true "plug-and-play" experience while reducing deployment complexity, operational costs and maintenance expenses for service providers.

With SNMP support, telco/cable operators/service providers can easily monitor the status of the NBG4604. Syslog feature also allows telco/cable operators/service providers to collect log messages from devices and analyze on the central log server.

Multiple SSIDs for various service deployments.

Multiple SSIDs with VLAN function support on the ZyXEL NBG4604 allows telcos, cable operators and service providers to assign different policies and functions to each SSID for specific applications. This makes deploying one wireless network while fulfilling security needs for private home sharing and public access easier than before.

Utilization of firewall protection.

The NBG4604 provides multiple state-of-the-art features helping the implementation of a secure and stable network; including the conventional wireless WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption, integrated firewall support to Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Denial of Service (DoS) prevention and ICMP blocking.

VLAN enables Triple Play service.

With the built-in VLAN features, the NBG4604 enables service providers to freely deploy their Triple-Play services. This increases network efficiency and productivity that enable service providers to offer Triple-Play services to meet the needs of residential users.

Two level administration.

Featuring a twolevel administration mechanism, the NBG4604 enables telcos and service providers to utilize two different privilege levels for ensuring the administrative control to critical device configurations. The service providers can manage and configure the devices with full privilege on every parameter, while end-users are only granted with partial administration right to perform basic configuration tasks such as wireless scheduling and SSID setting.

Green router saves energy.

The NBG4604 helps avoiding unnecessary energy costs and protecting the environment. Based on user demands and preferences, the Wi-Fi access can be configured to turn on or off automatically. Additionally, there are six different levels of wireless output that can be adjusted for the environment; this not only saves energy but also enhances WLAN security.

*The wireless data transfer rate is theoretical. The actual data transfer rate may vary depending on the network environment.

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