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The ZyXEL NBG4615
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The ZyXEL Home Router Series has the power to elevate your enjoyment level of real-time, simultaneous multimedia applications such as HD video streaming, gaming or Web surfing. With the user-friendly design and green features, ZyXEL’s routers make it easy for you to access the Internet as well as to have the optimized multimedia streaming experience anywhere in an eco-friendly way.


High-performance Wireless N Gigabit Router Powers Up Your Home Network!

The 802.11n-certified NBG4615 Gigabit router offers powerful routing performance and smooth delivery of high-definition video streams, fast data transfer and real-time gaming with whole-home coverage. The NetUSB™ support enables users to easily share USB devices such as printers and storages wirelessly.

Optimizes multimedia streaming.

Enjoying real-time multimedia can’t be easier. The high-performance NBG4615 quickly delivers video streams, data transfer and gaming with whole-home coverage.

NetUSB™ shares USB devices wirelessly.

With NetUSB™ support, the NBG4615 allows users to share up to four USB-equipped devices over the home network. With two built-in USB ports, the NBG4615 can share printers or USB storage devices as if the devices were connected directly to each other’s local PC. Just plug the USB devices.

into the NBG4615 to share them among family members everywhere in the house. This saves money that would have been spent on redundant peripherals.

User friendly interface.

The Easy Mode provides an “Easy Mode” for navigating functions, basic setup tasks and a comprehensive network map, so you can enable or disable frequently used setup options such as Game Engine, Power Saving, Content Filtering and Bandwidth Management with just one click. A click on the on/off icon enables the Game Engine function and gives gaming traffics the highest priority to ensure smooth delivery over platforms such as Xbox 360, PlayStation, Battle.net and MSN Game Zone.

Easily prioritize your network traffic with QoS.

The Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) technology employed by the NBG4615 automatically prioritizes different network traffic types to optimize performance for enhanced audio, video and voice experience over wireless networks. In addition, as the configurable QoS technology ensures smooth delivery of gaming, video streaming, VoIP and downloading, your most important requests receive the best priority given.

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