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Connect your printer to the home network – save money and hassle by sharing a single printer among several computer systems in the house.


Best Partner of Your Multi-Function Printer

Supports latest MFP and older printers

With print, fax, scan and card reader features in one machine, multi-function printers (MFP) enable SOHO/home users to enjoy the all-in-one convenience at a low budget. As most MFPs come with only USB connectors and are not network-ready, ZyXEL's NPS-520 MFP print server can be used to add USB and Ethernet interfaces. A MFP or printer connected to the NPS-520 MFP print server is available to all network users without a dedicated PC as the printer spooler.

Fast setup and auto printing

It takes less than 5 minutes to setup an NPS-520. With "Auto Connect" and "Auto Release" functions activated, all users on the network can access the MFP and printer easily without extra wiring. This is a perfect solution for home or other low-budget network users.

Small, portable and slick design

Designed for home offices with limited space, the compact NPS-520 has slick exterior and comes with wall-mounting housing design for your convenience. On hot spots or other places where printer sharing is needed, the portable design of NPS-520 offers a transparent solution to users; and since it's as small as a power adapter, users can even carry it effortlessly when traveling.

Printer sharing for Windows, Mac OS, UNIX and Linux

In addition to Windows, the NPS-520 also enables printer sharing among different operating systems like Mac OS, UNIX and Linux. Users can take advantage of their favorite applications freely on different platforms and enjoy printer sharing that NPS-520 offers.

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