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Powerline Ethernet Adapter with Extra Plug for Convenient HD Video Streaming

PLA-407, a Powerline Ethernet Adapter with a built-in power outlet, offers data transfer rates of up to 200 Mbps*. The extra power outlet gives users the flexibility and convenience to deploy home networks and provides power to other electrical devices instantaneously. The embedded noise filter reduces most interference from other home electric devices while providing a stable network environment for high-definition video, music and other network application enjoyments.

Extra power outlet brings more convenience

With the AC pass-through design, the PLA-407 provides both powerline network connection and power supply to multiple electrical devices at the same time. The PLA-407 enables users to easily get Internet access without the inconvenience of insufficient power outlets. For children safety, the power outlet has been designed to avoid electrical shocks caused by children inserting foreign objects into the receptacles.

Built-in noise filter for reducing power interference

With a built-in noise filter, the PLA-407 can suppress noise interference level down to 1/1000 and optimize powerline communication performance. The noise filter can effectively reduce noises generated by surrounding electronic equipments such as dryers, vacuum cleaners, lamps or mobile phone chargers plugged into the power outlets and ensure clean and stable signal quality on the powerline network.

QoS for High-definition video streams

Inherent advanced QoS improves the quality of multimedia services like high-definition video streaming, data transmission and VoIP by prioritizing the applications. QoS provides users with high voice communication quality while other network applications are being intensively used.

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