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Power Your Network

Easy installation by powerLine technology

The ZyXEL PL100 is a PowerLine Ethernet adapter. The installation is easy by just plugging the PL100 Ethernet adapter into any electrical wall outlet. It can leverage the existing power line for data transmission without rolling out the Ethernet cable as transmission media in your house. The home network can be easily built up and well fits into the decoration as part of it without stunning cabling disaster.

Up to 85 Mbps* data rate over powerLine.

The PL100 complies with Home Plug V1.0 Turbo standard and supports the connection speed up to 85Mbps* which can satisfy application demand in home, like video streaming, internet surfing and giant files transmission, etc. In addition, the transmission across different floor won't be issue for PL100 at all.

56-bit DES security protect data transmission

Regarding of the security concern, the PL100 supports 56-bit Data Encryption Security (DES) feature to encrypt all data communication which greatly lifts security protection level.

Stylish desktop design

Not only empowers the Powerline connectivity, the stylish design turns PL100 easy as original part of your house. You can simply enjoy the convenience of internet without jeopardizing house decoration by this compact box.

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