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Energy-Saving Business NAS Server with Dual GbE LANs, Volume Encryption and Complete RAID/Snapshot Backup Solutions

High performance

To facilitate file sharing between different users or platforms, the ZyXEL NSA-2401 network storage appliance meets the need of small business users with outstanding performance and massive capacity designed for mission-critical storage management. Its 800MHz-grade CPU, 256MB DDR II memory and dual Gigabit LAN ports empower data reading/writing and network transmission performance outperforming the competition with the best price/performance ratio.

High availability

In addition to typical RAID functionalities, the NSA-2401 provides "hot spare" features (RAID1+Spare, RAID5+Spare) to reduce down time and therefore further sustain the system. If any HDD failure occurs, a spare pre-loaded HDD in NSA-2401 will automatically take over from the failed one and continue to function without either corrupting the files and database, or interrupting regular NAS operations.

NSA-2401 can also collaborate with an optional UPS device to protect files and databases from sudden power failures or surges. With NSA-2401 monitoring the power level from the UPS (via USB) port, the IT staff can be informed of power failure or low UPS power level via e-mails in order to backup/save important data or shutdown the system safely in time. All these features ensure NSA-2401 to serve with high availability.

Easy capacity expansion

The IT staff can install cost-effective, low-capacity HDDs on NSA-2401 first for applications that require only a smaller capacity. When demand grows, the RAID5/JBOD online capacity expansion feature will allow capacity addition through simply installing extra HDDs.

Energy saving for the environment

More energy consumption means more carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. To better protect the environment, the NSA-2401 consumes less power (only 58W in access mode, 25W in idle mode) with no compromise on performance. Compared to traditional NAS and storage servers (normally consuming 200W), the NSA-2401 uses 60% less power to save energy as well as the electricity cost.

In off hours such as night time, weekends or holidays with low data traffic, the NSA-2401 can be scheduled to automatically perform power management according to specific date/time settings or idle time criteria for better power efficiency.

Enterprise-class backup solutions

NSA-2401 offers an integrated and enterprise class backup and recovery solution to secure valuable files and databases to run the business smoothly with less risks of data-loss disaster. It equips with the most popular backup features used by enterprises today, including snapshoot, remote replication, local backup, instant/schedule backup Manager, PC client backup and Windows/SQL/Exchange server backup. With Snapshot backup, End-users can instantly recover the specific file, folder back to a specific time period with no hassle.

To lower the TCO (Total Cost Ownership) of small business today, unlimited license of Genie Backup Manager Lite software is bundled with NSA-2401 free of charge, and also provides one license of Genie Backup Manager Server software to backup your SQL/Exchange server databases. What used to be considered an expensive luxury has now been made affordable for small business owners by ZyXEL.

Easy recovery with snapshot backup

The IT staff routinely spends a considerable amount of time and resource dealing with data backup operations; worse yet, the time needed to backup Terabytes or even more data on traditional tape or disks may becomes a serious headache if only limited time and budget were given. To solve this, ZyXEL comes up with the Snapshot Backup technology.

The Snapshot Backup function creates special "Snapshot" folders in the file system at preset time intervals. The folders allow users to access files of previous versions anytime when needed, and Snapshot folders can also be browsed and accessed like regular ones. To restore a previous file, simply copy it from the Snapshot folders.

It's easy and fast.

Most secure volume encryption

Important business files and databases should be securely stored or transmitted to prevent unauthorized access. Hacked or leaked critical information on wrong hands may jeopardize confidential information such as financial data, projects in development or customer credential.

In addition to secure FTP/S and HTTP/S file transmission methods, the NSA-2401 also guards the system with Volume Encryption function. Volumes or disks can be encrypted with the robust 256-bit AES algorithm; only authorized personnel with a right password or USB key can access the encrypted data.

Easy setup, low maintenance

Web-based device and disk setup Wizards can help non-technical user to setup NSA-2401 in merely 10 minutes. For the first-time installation, the NSA-2401 Discovery Utility also helps locating and managing the device's IP address without changing the TCP/IP configuration.

The "S.M.A.R.T." feature provides complete HDD information. This helps the IT staff to pinpoint potential or critical disk issues and to prevent HDD failures or critical data loss in advance.

Complete logs features, such as event log and Syslog, help the IT staff to keep an eye on the system status, access histories and connection status. Should any critical incident occur, the IT staff will be notified by emails and a buzzer will be activated immediately to warn the on-site personnel.

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