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The ZyXEL NWD2205
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Información General:

Upgrade Wireless Connection in A Green Way.

Compliant with the latest 802.11n standard, the compact NWD2205 upgrades the wireless connection at data transfer rates of up to 300Mbps*, and it’s backward-compatible with the existing 802.11b/g networks. It allows you to freely enjoy triple-play – data, audio, and video streaming with greater wireless coverage at home. The one-touch WPS button makes it easy for users to connect PCs or laptops to a secure wireless network in just seconds.

Ultra-compact design for optimal portability.

The compact, lightweight design of NWD2205 offers excellent portability. Users can easily plug NWD2205 to a USB connector on desktop or laptop computers to upgrade the network speed instantly. In addition, with bundled USB cable users can easily adjust the direction of NWD2205.

Latest 802.11n compliance with data transfer rates of up to 300 Mbps*.

The ZyXEL NWD2205 USB adapter brings you faster wireless connection. With the data transfer rate of up to 300 Mbps*, which is over 5 times faster than the 802.11g standard, the NWD2205 offers you the high-speed connection everywhere under Wi-Fi coverage. It not only provides a high-speed network capability, but also works with your existing 802.11b/g network.

Soft AP feature for sharing wireless Internet access.

With the built-in soft AP function, the NWD2205 can help users to create wireless networks instantly. Just plug NWD2205 into a desktop or laptop computer connecting to a cable or xDSL modem, all other wireless-capable devices can connect to the Internet through the NWD2205.

Wi-Fi WMM certified for prioritizing multimedia streaming.

With WMM QoS support, the NWD2205 is an excellent solution for you to deliver time-sensitive applications such as video and voice streaming. It significantly enhances your experience on audio, video and voice applications by prioritizing data traffic, so you can enjoy and share multimedia contents with your family or friends without interruption.

One-touch WPS button for easy wireless security setup.

Establishing a secure wireless network is no longer a hassle. The WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) feature takes just a few seconds to set up a secure wireless network without complicated procedures. A click on the WPS button is all it needs to set up a secure wireless network easily.

Green adapter saves energy effortlessly.

The ZyXEL NWD2205 brings you not only a plug-and-play wireless solution but also a smart way to save energy. Without complicated setup, just plug the NWD2205 into your laptop or PC, and it automatically adjusts wireless output power by detecting the distance from the device to the wireless access point. If the PC equipped with NWD2205 is close to the wireless access point, NWD2205 lowers the output power to reduce power consumption. When there is no transmission traffic, the NWD2205 will enter the power-saving mode to save electricity.

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