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Power Performance Dual Band.

High-speed data rates up to 300Mbps* in 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

The ZyXEL NWD-211AN brings the latest technology 802.11n into a compact wireless USB adapter. The selectable dual band (2.4GHz or 5GHz) wireless signals are designed for users looking to get an incredible up to 300Mbps* speed of Wireless-N home wireless connection.

Enjoy HD video streaming, Internet telephoney and lag-free network gaming.

The 5GHz band is ideal for media-centric applications such as High-Definition (HD) video  streaming or gaming, while the 2.4GHz band is suitable for Internet browsing and VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony streaming without performance degradation.

Easy security setup with one-touch button (WPS).

To own a secure wireless network is not a headache anymore. The WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) only takes you just a few seconds to set up a secure wireless network. No more complicated procedure. No need to ask for help from a technical expert. You can either connect to your WPS supported access point by simply push a button for configuration (PBC: Push Button Configuration) or enter 4 to 8 code given either by the NWD-211AN USB adapter or your access point to create a simple but safe wireless network.

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