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The ZyXEL WAP5605
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Unwire Your Digital Entertainment!

The ZyXEL WAP5605 5-GHz Wireless N Media Streaming Box is excellent for creating your wireless HD streaming network. Just connect media players, set-top boxes or game consoles to the WAP5605, you can then easily stream video contents, enjoy IPTV services or play online games in different rooms at home without complicated wiring arrangements.

Interference-free media streaming.

With the 5 GHz technology, the ZyXEL WAP5605 5-GHz Wireless N Media Streaming Box allows reliable HD video streaming in your home without interference from common 2.4 GHz channel devices such as smartphones and laptops.

Widely extends the effective wireless coverage.

Thanks to the SmartRange technology, the WAP5605 provides effective wireless coverage by transmitting wireless signals directly to each other. Just put a pair of media streaming boxes in your home and easily set up AP and Client modes by using the AP/Client mode switch, you can enjoy digital entertainment content without dead spots.

Optimized visual experience.

In the past, WMM QoS features could only prioritize for time-sensitive applications without solving the stability issues. With the latest video-grade QoS, ZyXEL’s WPA5605 can intelligently optimize the video streaming quality. No matter where you are at home, it adapts to the environment for more enjoyable high-quality wireless video streaming.

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